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Mueller Streamline Co. is a company of Mueller Industries, Inc. that provides products supporting the plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, PVF, and other markets. Headquartered in Collierville, TN, the company’s flagship products are Streamline® copper tubing, line sets, copper fittings, valves, and related items. Mueller Streamline Co. also sells other Mueller Industries companies’ brands, representing a wide assortment of products such as refrigeration valves, HVAC/R protection devices, brass flare fittings, iron fittings, steel pipe, plastic tubing and fittings, plumbing valves, plumbing specialties, and more.


Mueller Streamline Co. is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of piping systems solutions.  Our teams of experienced and involved industry professionals work closely with distributors, contractors, and engineers alike. We strive to be a valued resource by closely understanding customer needs, market activities, system trends, and more. With a comprehensive knowledge of flow control, industrial applications, and sector requirements, we provide smart, durable, and high-quality products.

Streamline® is one of the industry’s oldest and most trusted flow control brands, dating back to 1930 when the brand was instrumental in the pioneering of copper piping systems. Since that time, Streamline® products have built a well-earned reputation for quality and have set the standard for excellence in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, medical gas, and other important systems.

Manufactured by Mueller Industries companies using superior processes and the highest quality material, Streamline® products provide the utmost of assurance. From high-grain density copper and superior metallurgy to precision extrusion for strength and durability of material, Streamline® products are expertly manufactured to yield high performance, strong joints, superior heat transfer, ease of maintenance, and most importantly, a high degree of reliability and confidence.

Streamline® branded products include a full suite of precision-made tubing, fittings, valves, and related components for a host of different piping systems applications. With such established trust and so many products engineered and designed to work together for optimum system performance, it’s no wonder industry professionals around the world ask for Streamline® products by name.



Though many different flow control products are offered, Mueller Streamline Co. is a world-renowned expert in copper products and systems. At the turn of the century, the Streamline® brand and its copper quality promise played a key part in how copper became the material standard in plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, and other systems. Mueller Streamline Co. continues to stay actively involved in many industry, engineering, and trade associations to be sure it is in tune with an ever evolving marketplace. Today, Mueller Streamline Co. offers a range of different products in various materials to support different industry preferences and methods, but many of its core Streamline® products are still rooted in the industry’s leading material, copper.

With our global headquarters in Collierville, TN and manufacturing and distribution centers across the USA, Mueller Streamline Co. is uniquely positioned to produce and quickly distribute high-quality flow control solutions. With many unique operations and capabilities, we are committed to delivering superior value, unmatched precision and performance, and world-class service.