Since 1930, Streamline® products have set the standard for excellence in plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration. With an extensive range of tube, fittings, valves and supportive components manufactured in the United States, Mueller Streamline Co. provides the most comprehensive and reliable solutions on the market—making it the preferred brand for piping experts across the globe.

1930 – Streamline is invented

With the work of the First World War effort finally behind them, the company began experimenting with copper tubing. Engineers developed new and efficient methods for cutting and shaping the flexible and non-corrosive metal.

1940s – Streamline products were adopted and used by big name companies.

Customers included the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, and major private companies such as General Electric, Carrier Corporation, Kelvinator, Trane, and even the Hershey chocolate development in Pennsylvania.

1960s – Streamline Nitrogenized ACR copper tube is introduced.

For use in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, the new product established a benchmark for quality and cleanliness.

1970s – A state-of-the-art tube production mill is developed.

Located in Fulton, Mississippi, this facility is still considered to be one of the most modern copper tube factories in the world and serves as the company’s main source for the production of Streamline copper tube.

1990s – Streamline Copper Fittings set the global standard for HVAC & refrigeration.

Copper fittings production far exceeds 100 million pieces annually, with the Mueller Streamline brand becoming a global mark of excellence in quality across many continents.

2010s – $60 million investment made to modernize the Fulton, MS tube production facility.

The Fulton manufacturing plant upgraded equipment, technology and facilities to better serve the piping industry.

2015 – Streamline PRS press fittings & Streamline XHP copper-iron tube and fittings are introduced.

Expanded our presence simultaneously in commercial plumbing and PVF (Streamline PRS™) and in large-scale refrigeration systems (Streamline XHP™).